1 October 2012

Recruitment PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI)

Recruitment PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) - Lowongan Kerja Terbaru S1 PT DI Oktober 2012.PT Dirgantara Indonesia is one of the airlines in Asia who are experienced and competent in the design, development and manufacturing aircraft. PT Dirgantara Indonesia originally named PT IPTN has developed products not only the aircraft, but including: Telecommunication, Automotive, Maritime, Information Technology, Oil and Gas. PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) to try and be able to survive in the competition in the world of international business, one of which is a program of restructuring programs include rearrangement of HR and business by focusing its business orientation. In an effort to improve the performance of PT Dirgantara Indonesia also received assistance from various parties, are like; banking Bank BNI or BRI.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia 2012 was awarded a contract manufacturing of aircraft and components worth over Rp 7 trillion, which should be completed 3 years with the help of government funds Rp1 trillion of Bank BRI. PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) opens Jobs Rekrutmen BUMN with the following qualifications:

Quality Product Engineering
  •      Graduated State University, GPA 2.75, age maximum 27 years
  •      S1 Education Department technique (Engineering / Physics / Aeronautics / Chemical / Industrial / Aeronautics)
  •      Able to use measuring devices commonly used in the assembly.
  •      Able to calibrate the standard gauge (not special).
  •      Being able to analyze and identify the technical data.
  •      Being able to process the data from the inspection / test and analyze quality trends.

Quality Systems Engineering
  •      Graduated State University, GPA 2.75, age maximum 27 years
  •      S1 Engineering (Engineering, Flight, Aeronautics, Chemical, Industrial, Physics)
  •      Being able to measure the simple components that do not require special gauges, special gauges such. Coordinate Measuring Machine.
  •      Able to calibrate a simple standard gauge (not specified)
  •      Being able to use PC software for report writing, presentation, simple calculation and mapping of business processes
  •      Ability to write reports and written presentation materials
  •      Able to communicate in Indonesian and English active active.

Production Assembly and Integration
  •      Graduated State University, GPA 2.75, age maximum 27 years
  •      S1 Engineering (Engineering, Electrical, Industrial, Flight)
  •      Able to read and interpret Engineering Documents
  •      Knowing the basic concepts of quality control (quality control system)
  •      Able to prepare a document, manually according standard procedures
  •      Being able to describe the problem and arrange in the form of technical reports

If you are interested in Jobs 2012 PT Dirgantara Indonesia, please send your application, cv and other requirements listed above to the address below:

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)
Jln Pajajaran no. 154
Bandung Bandung 40174
Atau via email: hr_ptdi@indonesian-aerospace.com